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Tour Diary Part 1 : the Fran Chronicles

so i sit here typing this (or beginning to anyway, as i doubt i can get this all out/down in one sitting) at 6:20am on sunday morning, October 23rd, 2011.  I literally JUST got home to ny from Boston, where i saw the 2nd show of 6 in my Butch Walker and the Black Widows tour.. i have yet to sleep by the way, and i have to be at work in almost exactly 90 minutes. Only for Butch !! and soooo totally worth it !!

i dont even know how to quite begin this as there is just so so much to tell about the last 2 days.. but i guess the basics are always good right ?

night 1, Friday October 21st, 2011. Stone Pony. Asbury Park NJ.
lined up just after 4pm for 7pm doors and the busses were literally parked right there. Saw the boys come off and on a few times (always a nice way to start the night) and were treated to a pre-show, doors-open-so-you-could-hear-everything soundcheck. Missed out on early entry tickets, so by the time we got in we were 2nd/3rd row (Fran’s side) instead of 1st. Booooo Hissssssssss ;o)

so i’ll get to the details of the actual show later but for now lets just say that i like this set-up, with each Black Widow’s side project coming out for a few songs each with Butch talking to the crowd in between each mini-set.. and very little down-time in between. Really nice flow..

but here begins the Fran chronicles …
I dont know what has been going on lately (though in all honesty it really did start last tour.. and even before that with the Pretty Pretty video i believe) but i am absolutely BEYOND fascinated with Fran these days.. i mean, i just think he is the ABSOLUTE most adorable thing EVER  !!! so towards the end of the show, when Butch is getting ready for his final back-of-the-club, in-with-the-crowd number, telling his usual set-up story.. its just, well, too perefct. Fran is standing there RIGHT in front of me, no song to play just yet, staring up into the crowd so I hold up a little hastily made sign that reads “MARRY ME, FRAN”. He sees it pretty much right away, but its small, so he has to squint to read it.. but you can tell when he does because this huuuge adorable smile comes across his face ! so i  mouth the words i love you as i sign the same with my hands and of course smile back like a big fool.. and he mouths it right back. Can you say (((sighhhhhhhhhh))) ???!!!

ok so fast foward to the end of the show. Crowd is clearing out and we head back to the merch table to check out shirts.. and notice Chris Unck is standing back there. As we are walking up the little set of stairs (maybe 4 of them) that lead over to the table, Fran passes right by us. He takes a few pictures with some people then someone catches his attention back at the bottom of the stairs (apparently he had family there because he is from NJ) so he walks passed us again and heads back down. Totally bummed !!

but anyway, we buy our shirts and mel and michelle thake their pics with Chris and we head back down the few steps to head out.. only Fran is still standing RIGHT there.. WOOO HOOO !! so i forget exactly how it happened but we kinda catch each other’s eye and i’m like “so what was your answer… yes ??”
and he just gives me a big smile and i say “because if the answer is yes, we’re gonna need some engagement pics.”
Then all of a sudden he just grabs me and squeeeeeeeeezes me in this HUGE awesome bear hug (who knew such a little guy could give such AMAZING hugs ??!!!), and starts yelling, “Somebody take some pictures of us already !” as he wrestles me around still in full-on squeeze/hug mode. GAAAAAHHHHHH. freakin awesome !!

after that we just start talking and joking around a bit and i tell him that i will be at the next 5 shows (“FIVE ??” he says) and i say yes, that “i made you guys my entire vacation..  so you have until thursday to decide” (“Wait, whats today ?” he asks) “Friday” (he counts on his fingers mouthing the days)
me: “you know i’m gonna go home now and photoshop a veil on myself and a bowtie on you right ?” (him, speechless)
"I’m not crazy by the way, i swear" ("ummmmmmm, yeah", he says. "i can totally seeeee thatttt" grins) and we  both laugh. Then more people start to come and another girl i met that night through Butch/twitter came over and started talking so i sort of eased myself away from him. As i walked away though, i turned around, and he looked up to meet my eyes again.. 
then he kinda yells after me, “hey wait. Arent you supposed to play hard to get ? You know, dangle the carrot and then take it away ?” and i reply “No way !!! my carrot is all yours !!” and he just shakes his head and laughs. then i held up my wrist and tapped on my (imaginary) watch and said “Thursday”.. and he held up his arm and said the same.

We ended up waiting outside for Butch for a little while but left after about 40 minutes or so, as it was already well after midnight (actually almost 1am !!) and we still had an hour drive back to melissa’s to sleep for a few hours before our half-day trek up to Boston for show number 2 !!!

which leads us to..

night 2. Saturday, October 22nd, 2011. Royale Theater. Boston, Mass.

early show (5:30pm doors) bus was late. didnt get thre til after 5. early entry and a pretty good line ahead of us. Started out a bit bummed. But as soon as doors opened and we went in, we found a spot on the stage right in front of Chris and jake’s spot all the way to the left. Awesome. Except Fran is allllllll the way on the right. What about my sign ??!! So we scouted out Fran’s side instead and got a nice spot..mel first row thanks to a girl that offered to let us squeeze in next to her, and me right behind her.. right in front of his mic stand.  Perfection !! :)

Now let me start out by saying that on the car/train/bus ride up to boston from Clinton NJ i had alooooooooot of time to think.. 8 hours total in fact. So i came up with a BUNCH of different sign ideas for that night’s (and the future 4) show(s). Eventually for this one, i settled on “Dinner ?  New York ?” as they had a day off
tomorrow (now today) and then two shows in town on monday and tuesday. At the bottom was a little quip (in much smaller but still visible writing) “yep. i’m baaaaaaaack” in reference the the prior night’s “really. i’m not crazy” conversation. But i dunno. As the show went on it just didnt feel.. me. Just didnt feel right. So while the opening band played (called Shovels and rope, btw) I made up a new sign that read “WILL WORK FOR FOOD (food X’d out) FRAN !!!!!” About two songs into the full Black Widows set, it was sill sitting in my pocket when Fran looked down and saw me in the crowd and gave me a nod and a big smile.. which in turn made me a bit braver (and of course ridiculously giddy) and by the third song my “will work..”  sign was on the stage right at his feet :)

fast foward again. Actual show details to come later.. including the absolute BEST blow-me-completely-fucking-away “Best Thing You Never Had” that almost had me bawling my eyes out it was soo beyond freakin passionate.. but yes, later.

merch table post-show. Went to see if we missed anything from the night before but we hadnt.. so we walked out into this little lounge area just outside the stage area, before you go down the stairs to exit the theater, and just sat for a minute. Exhausted !! but it was also only like 9:45 !! (show started early/ended early as apparently its a webster hall type place and they do the whole club thing at like 11pm on weekends) and our bus home wasnt until 1am, so we werent exactly in a hurry. So anyway, a few minutes later, we spot Chris signing merch at the table so we head back over so mel can get her cd signed. As we are walking who pops up..  my husband !! but he’s surrounded by girls asking him for pics so we just walk passed him and head over by chris. As we turn to walk back, he’s still surrounded, still taking pics, so we keep walking. Next thing i know, he drops his arms from around the 2 girls he was currently posing with and i hear him say “Hold on, there’s someone i have to say hello to” .. and he walked right over to me and puts his arm around me, gives me a hug, and says hello.
I say, “dont think i didnt see you with your hands on other women..”
Fran : “i know but i’m a man of the world” (or worldly man something like that), ” and these are the kind of things you are going to have to get used to” (as he slow-motion starts to open his arms and inches foward to hug me.. kinda pretending like a guy would do if he were fighting with his girlfriend.. like.. i want to placate you with a hug but i wanna make sure you arent gonna slap me first.)
Me : “yeah i SEE that !” (both laugh, and he puts his arm around me and hugs me)*Then we start talking and i tell him my plan is to have a different sign every night until i win him over and he says yes, and ask him if he liked the one tonight to which  he says “yes i did actually, I thought it was very clever” So i say there is more to come and he replies that he’s looking foward to it :) :) :) Poor guy doesnt know what he’s in for !!! lol. So anyway, i ask him to pose for another pic “can we maybe get a normal pic this time ?” (“why” he says. “were the ones from yesterday not good ?”) “No i say.. its just that i look too ridiculously happy” (he laughs) so i gotts try to tone it down a little this time. So we pose and he goes “okay.. think NORMAL” which of course cracks me up and the picture comes out terrible !! HA. then some drunk guys and girls came and interrupted so we waited for mel to get a pic with him and we say goodbye and i say i’ll see him monday and we part ways. But then after like a second he turns around and is like “hey, you guys have enough cash and everything right ?” awwwww. seriously how freakin cute is he  ??!!!! So i not and say yes thanks we are fine. Mel says something about yeah unless you want to give us a ride back to new york and he says  “yeah me too” (***which makes more sense now b/c i now know they all stayed overnight/today in boston and i guess he wanted to come back here instead***) and we leave. Saw a bunch of people waiting outside, then spotted the busses around the corner.. but i was happy enough already not to mention exhausted ( i swear i dont know how they do it !! and we werent even drinkin like they do !!)

so ..
day off from touring today (i now have to be at work in less than 30 minutes (eeeee gadddddds) but then starting it all over again tomorrow night (monday) with nyc.. then tuesday brooklyn, wednesday philly, and thursday FINAL show of my BW tour in baltimore.

i’ll try to keep you (and myself !!) updated with stories, setlists and  photos
.. though i’m not sure in how timely or organized a manner !!

god, this thing is practically a novel already, AND i’m only 2 shows in, AND i didnt even post any ACTUAL show details (of which there are many !!) yet !!! looks like its gonna be quite a ride.. and i am soooooooo looking foward to it !!

***i think i took care of most of the typos now***

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